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KWF Turkey Day Terror

This event was held on 11/24/99.


Match One: The Witchdoctor vs. ???

  Winner: The Witchdoctor via the Pedigree.


Match Two: Charlie K and Norbert "Pez Boy" Noodlemeyer (c) vs. The Dirty Mexicans for the Tag Team Championship.

   Winner and new Tag Team Champs: The Dirty Mexicans via the Final Siesta.


Match Three: Bandlove vs. Sloppy Joe for the TV Title.

   Winner and new TV Champion: Sloppy Joe via a powerbomb through a board propped up on two sawhorses.


Match Four: Toby J. Warfield vs. Levitating Lewis for #1 Contender to the KWF World Title.

   Winner: Levitating Lewis via interference from the Ringgold Whore Posse.