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KWF Super Nova Sunday

This event was held on 7/9/00 at the Askey Film Festival, which was held at the Jefferson Township Municipal Building in Jefferson Township PA, a big thanks to the foremen of the Askey Film Festival for letting KWF put on a show in front of the enormous crowd.

Match One: The Gothic Alliance vs. Critical Strike for the Tag Team Titles

    The opener of this great night of wrestling, the crowd didn't know what to expect from these two teams. The power of Johnny Fungle controlled most of this match, but there was some offense from the GA. This match was ended when CS hit their double team finisher on Kyle Hufnagel while the Freak was too far away to make the save.

    Winner and still Tag Team Champions: Critical Strike via the whatever they call it.

    Post Match: Sloppy Joe and Toby J. Warfield come out to a huge pop from the crowd, they want a tag team title shot tonight, CS agrees. Also, The Gothic Alliance starts fighting among themselves, it looks like Kyle Hufnagel is defecting from the group.

Match Two: Norbert Noodlemeyer vs. Pisswarm Mike Dallas

    Tremendous pop for Noodlemeyer as he makes his entrance, while Dallas gets his usual mixed reaction of cheers and boos. The fans are revived by the high energy moves and frantic pacing of this match, and after Norbert hits a senton from a table it looks like he has it won. Dallas makes a sudden comeback and LEVELS pez boy with two devastating chair shots to the head, followed by a Pisswarm Plunge onto a road sign.

    Winner: Pisswarm Mike Dallas via the Pisswarm Plunge.

Match Three: The Freak vs. Kyle Lee Hufnagel

    Kyle Hufnagel in a singles match against the Freak? Who booked this? Obviously this match was very one sided with the Freak basically stomping a mudhole into Kyle. Kyle does hit a few moves but never really looked as though he had a chance to win. The match painfully continued until Kyle jumped from a steel chair to attempt a hurricanrana on the Freak, who reversed it into the Freak Out and slammed Kyle to the mats very hard.

    Winner: The Freak via the Freak Out.

Match Four: Sloppy Joe vs. Toby J. Warfield vs. Pisswarm Mike Dallas vs. Norbert Noodlemeyer.

    Norbert enters first, and brings with him a barrel full of weapons. Sloppy Joe enters next to an enormous pop due to his home-town roots. Toby enters wearing a "Fairhope Phoenix" T-Shirt. Pisswarm enters last showing off his nipple rings and the match starts off with Toby and Norbert in the ring. Either of the legal men can tag either of the men outside the ring, making them the legal man. While this idea seemed fair in theory, it didn't bode well for Norbert, as he isn't on good terms with any of the other competitors. With Sloppy Joe and Warfield teaming up for most of the match, they dominated the better part of it. This match was insanely fast paced and the crowd was red hot. The weapons were used fairly often and during one particularly wicked string of moves "Holy Shit" chants were deafeningly loud.

    Winner: Pisswarm Mike Dallas via pinning an unconscious Norbert.


After the last match, CS was seen exiting the Jefferson Township Municipal Building, and in the parking lot they met up with Sloppy Joe and Toby J. Warfield, after a talk and a handshake, they jumped CS and as referee Judd Bingerton was walking to his car, he saw the altercation and counted the pinfall for Warfield and Sloppy, who became the new Tag Team Champions.


Overall: A Fantastic show, the crowd of 50+ was very hot for the event, and some of the cheers were deafeningly loud. Some of the best spots we've ever seen in the KWF took place tonight, more shows like this are exactly what the KWF needs.