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KWF Pure Hell 2000

This event was held on 7/27/00.


Match One: Charlie K vs Johnny Fungle (Hardcore Title)

Critical Strike members pitted against one another.  A dead crowd made this a pretty mediocre match.  Charlie K's win streak continues.

  Winner: Charlie K


Match Two: The Dirty Mexicans vs "So-Called" Gothic Alliance (Kyle Lee Huffnagel and The Freak) (Tag Team Titles)

If Kyle doesn't get pinned, he gets to leave the Gothic Alliance... Kyle gets pinned

   Winner: Dirty Mexicans


Match Three: Three Way TV Title Match - Norbert Noodlemeyer vs Neil Huffnagel vs The Witchdoctor

Decent match with a few nice 3-way spots.

   Winner: Huffnagel


Match Four: Sloppy Joe vs Toby J Warfield

Arguably the greatest match in the history of the KWF.  High points include two AWESOME guerrilla press slams by Joe, one where he threw Warfield off the balcony and the other where he threw him over a table, and a great distance further.  This tape is worth buying just to see this match.  Near the end of the match, PETER BURNS comes out and tries to hit Warfield with a chair, but inadvertantly hits Joe.  After a few blackouts, Warfield fulfills his dream of becoming the KWF champion of the world.

   Winner: Toby J Warfield

Note - This show was f'n incredible.  After the show all the performers gathered in the ring to a round of applause from the decent-sized crowd.  Some renovations to the Guy Winn Memorial Auditorium included a new broadcast booth, a "Spanish" broadcast booth, and a large KWF banner.