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KWF Pure Hell

This event was held on 2/19/99.


Match One: Justin Asshole vs. Blue Nun (c) for the World Title

  Winner: Blue Nun


Interview: Blue Nun and The Kro


Match Two: Charlie K and Mike Dallas vs. The Brotherhood (c) for the Tag Titles

    Winner: The Brotherhood


Match Three: Jimmy Spandex vs. The Black-n-Blue Ninja

    Winner: Jimmy Spandex


Match Four: Tycho Brahe vs. The Kro

    Winner: The Kro

    Post-Match: Blue Nun attacks the Kro


Interview: Blue Nun

Interview: The Kro


Match Five: Tycho Brahe vs. The Blue Nun in a Non-title match

    Winner: Tycho Brahe


Match Six: The Black-n-Blue Ninja and Jimmy Spandex vs. Critical Strike

    Winner: Critical Strike


Match Seven: Bandlove vs. The Kro

    Winner: Bandlove

    Post-Match: Fallen Angel destroys The Kro