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KWF Patio Purgatory II

This event was held on 7/9/99.


Interview: Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler.

Interview: Murph

Match One: Big Dick Duda vs. Tycho Brahe

  Winner: Big Dick Duda via interference from a masked man.


Match Two: Jimmy Jucamunga vs. Charlie K.

   Winner: Charlie K. via drowning Jimmy in a swimming pool.


Match Three: Sloppy Joe vs. Levitating Lewis.

   Winner: Sloppy Joe via a powerbomb through a board propped up on two chairs.


Match Four: Bandlove vs. The Masked man we saw earlier.

   Winner: The Masked man (revealed to be Murph during the match) via a Murph Dropper.

Interview: The Kro

Match Five: The Kro vs. The Blue Nun for the World Title.

   Winner: DQ