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KWF Dungeon Rumble

This event was held on 5/11/00.

Match One: Little Imp of Evil vs. Neil Hufnagel

    Winner: Neil Hufnagel via the Sharpshooter.

Match Two: Norbert Noodlemeyer(c) vs. Psycho for the Hardcore Title

    Winner: Norbert Noodlemeyer via the Pez Dispenser.

Match Three: El Hefte and El Huffy (Neil Hufnagel) vs. Little Imp of Evil and Freak

    Winner: Little Imp of Evil and The Freak via some wacko double team move..

Match Four: Norbert Noodlemeyer(c) vs. Toby J. Warfield for the Hardcore Title

    Winner and new Hardcore Champion: Toby J Warfield via the Blackout