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KWF Bloodshed

This event was held on 5/6/00.

Match One: Good ol' JR vs. The Witchdoctor

    Winner: Good ol' JR by countout.

Match Two: Kyle Lee Hufnagel vs. Neil Hufnagel

   Winner: Neil Hufnagel via a series of powerbombs.

Match Three: Norbert Noodlemeyer(c) vs. Levitating Lewis (c) vs. The Freak in a Double Whammy for the Hardcore and TV Titles.

    First Match will be for the Hardcore Title

        Winner: Norbert Noodlemeyer via a Urinage on a Rite-Aid Buggy.

    Second Match will be for the TV Title

        Winner: Levitating Lewis via the Crotch Bottom.

Match Four: Critical Strike(c) vs. The Dirty Mexicans for the Tag Team Titles

    Winner: Critical Strike via some weird tag team move

Match Five: Sloppy Joe vs. Toby J. Warfield

    Winner: Toby J. Warfield via something I can't remember.