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KWF Ash Wednesday

This event was held on 3/8/00.


Match One: The Witchdoctor vs. Justin Asshole

  Winner: The Witchdoctor via the Pedigree


Match Two: Norbert Noodlemeyer vs. Sloppy Joe (c) for the TV Title (special referee Bandlove)

   Winner: Sloppy Joe via a powerbomb through a board propped up on two sawhorses


Interview: Charlie K - He wants a match with one of the Mexicans


Match Three: Charlie K vs. El Hefte

   Winner: El Hefte via one half of the final siesta in like 5 seconds


Match Four: Toby J. Warfield vs. Big Dick Duda

   Winner: Big Dick Duda via a chokeslam on a chair.