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The Witchdoctor

Hometown: Parts Unknown
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs.
Entrance Theme: Cypress Hill- "Valley of Chrome"
Championships Held: World Heavyweight Champion
Finishing Maneuver: The Pedigree

No mortal man can match the incredible strength of the Witchdocter. This big bad man can't wait to get in the ring and take care of business. And to the Witchdocter, that's all it is, BUSINESS. Known early on in his career as the man who couldn't get the job done (because he couldn't get his hands on a title), he is now known as the world's champion. Given his phenomenal athleticism and strength, it was only a matter of time.

Early in his career, he was known as the man who opened the show. He has been booked for the opening bout in 3 different major events, including wins over The Fashionable Male at Turkey Day Terror '99, Good Ol' J.R. at Bloodshed, and Kyle Lee Hufnagel at Patio Purgatory 3. It wasn't until a strong performance at Pure Hell 2000 when he almost won the World's Television Title in a triple threat match including Nobert Noodlemeyer and Neil Hufnagel. Now that he is KWF Champion and has allied himself with the Dynasty, can anyone stop this monster's reign?