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Toby J. Warfield

Hometown: Slums of Fairhope
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 lbs.
Entrance Theme: Linkin Park- "One Step Closer"
Championships Held: 1/2 Tag Team Champion (2), Hardcore Champion, Television Champion, World Heavyweight Champion
Finishing Maneuver: Blackout

If the Locust is proof that size does matter, Warfield is proof that it doesn't. Known earlier in his career under his given wrestling name, Murph McIntyre, Warfield changed it to his real name. Also earlier in his career he was known for his aeral moves and martial arts, but since has added more submission and technical wrestling. You won't find too many power moves in him, but from what he lacks in that area he makes up for in pure intesity.

Warfield has been known more for the quality matches he has participated in rather than his championships won. In a match for the Television Championship at Patio Purgatory 2, he faced his arch-rival BandLove in a brutal match, in which he walked away from victorious. He's beaten such KWF greats as Neil Hufnagel, Sloppy Joe, and Tycho Brahe. Best known for his Pure Hell 2000 match with Sloppy Joe, Warfield proved his worth by taking on legends such as The Kro, Fallen Angel, and The Blue Nun. But it wasn't until Patio Purgatory 3 when all found out his true nature when he announced that he had been a Dynasty all along. The question is, "Has he become so wicked that even the heels don't like him?"