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Sloppy Joe

Hometown: Perryopolis, PA
Height: Weight: Entrance Theme: Orgygondrumbe- "Sloppy Joe"
Championships Held: 1/2 Tag Team Champion, Television Champion, Hardcore Champion, World Heavyweight Champion
Finishing Maneuver: Slop Bottom

The self proclaimed Frazier Phoenix is a master ring technician. Not too many stars match his incredible combination of ring smarts and power. Even though he has spent time as both a heel and a face, Joe has always given his matches 110%. The most tremendous aspect of Joe is his resilience. Time and time again he has displayed this phenomenal attribute and has used it too his advantage. Some think that this tremendous resilience responsible for Joe becoming one of only two grand slam champions ever in the KWF.

Sloppy Joe started as low as low can get in the KWF, his first bout being a imprompt match victorious over Levitating Lewis (Patio Purgatory 2). He held his first title after defeating BandLove at Turkey Day Terror 99 for the Television championship. But in an odd twist, it was the Levitater that defeated him at Highly Unlikley for the Television title. Then it was on to defeating Warfield and Noodleymeyer for the Hardcore title and capturing the Tag Team Championship with Warfield, creating the KWF's first ever double champion. But when president Peter Burnz stripped everyone of their titles, Sloppy Joe and Warfield were cast to replace the former world's champion. From Bloodshed, to Pure Hell 2000, to Patio Purgatory 3, both competitors battled in each major event's respective main event. Patio Purgatory was the most memorable for Joe, because that's were he became world's champion, defeating his long time arch-rival and good friend Warfield. After, Joe sought other opportunities and announced his retirement from the KWF. He still wrestles every once and a while, but everyone, and I know everyone would love to see this legend return to ring on a consitant basis.