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Piss Warm Mike Dallas

Hometown: The Slums of Voyager
Height: Weight: Entrance Theme: Championships Held: World Television Title
Finishing Maneuver: The Piss Warm Plunge

A superstar who knows no fear, this is the same Mike Dallas that almost ended the career of the legendary BandLove. With a name like Piss Warm, everyone knows that when they step into the ring with him, they better be ready to fight for their life. Many have compared his wrestling style to that of Stonecold Steve Austin, and even some think that's were he got his name. But no matter how he earned it, Mike Dallas has proved time and time again that you don't mess with a man from Voyager, it's just not smart.

After a short tandem with Big Dick Duda, he went into singles competition. He then devised a plan to gain the Television Title from BandLove, having Warfield beat BandLove at Patio Purgatory 2 as the secret ninja, and then forming the Brotherhood with Warfield and Big Dick. After the Brotherhood split, he turned his attention toward singles competition, but a domestic dispute caused him to quit wrestling, he was stripped of his title. He then returned with the Dynasty, a group formed by Peter Burnz to gain control of his own company.