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Oscar Degrouche

Hometown:Victory Hill, Manatobia, Canada
Weight:261 lbs
Entrance Theme:Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine
Championships Held: none yet
Finishing Maneuver:DeGrouche Device

The KWF's master of disguise takes no prisoners when it comes wrestling. Oscar is the most unique individual to be viewed in the KWF. Earning the name "The Funky French Phenom", Oscar is proud to be French, and sings the French national anthem whenever possible. His Oscar-bomb has come to be known as a career-threatening move, making this Frenchman more dangerous than the entire French armed service.

No one has suffered such disappointment in the KWF and rose to so much crowd appreciation as he has. Early in his career, losing was a way of life for Oscar, some say he hadn't won any of his first ten matches. But the Frenchman is a workhorse and is living proof that anyone can change. Through hard work and dedication, along with his crazy antics as such characters as Oscar Claus and El Gordo, Oscar has become a heavy fan favorite. All that work somewhat paid off when he was given a chance at Sloppy Joe at St. Patrick's Day Massacre, in which he won in under 5 minutes. His work ethic is priceless. His dedication is unmatchable. His attitude: perfect.