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Norbert "The 80's Warrior" Noodlemeyer

Hometown: Mo-Town, PA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 155
Finisher: The One Hit Wonder
Entrance Theme: Real Life - "Send me an Angel"
Championships Held: Hardcore Champion (2)

What once was a promising career as pezboy, has turned into a life of embarrassment for Noodlemeyer. He rose to stardom faster than any KWF star, including wins over El Hefte, Neil Hufnagel, and even a win over the Freak to become the 1st Hardcore Champion at Highly Unlikely. Things were looking up for this star until his title was passed onto Warfield, to Sloppy Joe, and so on. He became furious when he was booked as a referee instead of a wrestler at X-Mas from Hell, and vowed that one day his new gimmick would top his old one and show everyone that he hasn't lost what it takes. Well that day has arrived and at Extreme Intentions, he unveiled the new 80's rendition of Noodlemeyer. The gimmick was not only entertaining enough to please the crowd, but his new attitude was enough to defeat Hardcore Champion Charlie K and become the first competitor to win the title twice. As he has shown before, he has the ability to rise to the occasion and many predict great things in the future for him.