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Neil Hufnagel

Hometown: Finleyville
Height: 5'9
Weight: 210
Finisher: Sharpshooter
Entrance Theme: Rush - "Today's Tom Sawyer"
Championships Held: Television, Hardcore

Neil is the only KWF star to ever wrestle for another federation. His short stink with YWA prepared him for the demanding and rigorous schedule of a KWF star. He debuted at Bloodshed, pinning his brother Kyle, and hasn't looked back since. He has shown great promise with decisive victories over Norbert Noodlemeyer, Oscar DeGrousche, and Warfield.

He's a young technition of wrestling, and has quickly become known as the KWF's biggest and most dedicated workhorse to date. His reign as Television Champion was malevolent and notorious, and, since dropping the title to his brother Neil in what some may call the greatest KWF match ever, his title reign will set the standard for all future Television Champions. Now Neil has his eyes set on the World Title, and according to himself, there is no one who can stop him. .