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"Mystical" Matt Adams

Entrance Theme:Alien Ant Farm- "Smooth Criminal"
Championships Held:None yet
Finishing Maneuver:The Mystifyer

The ref of the KWF. Not the strongest nor the tallest but "The Mystical One" gives it all that he's got when in a match. Mad because of being pushed around in the back by other wrestlers and being called a loser by the crowd made the once shy ref jump into training then hit the ring. His first match was at Highly Unlikely 2001 in which he squared off against the at the time TV Champion Kyle Hufnagel in a non title match at the begining of the match Kyle Lee stomped Matt into the ground and the crowd was sure of a short match and win for the younger Hufnagel. But then out of nowhere Matt started to show off his various of wrestling moves which he learned from his training and watching matches. After hitting two ace crushers "The Mystical One" setup Kyle Lee and hit his finishing move The Mystifyer pinning the TV Champ. The crowd was shocked at the victory for Matt and so was he. As Matt celebrated by jumping up and down the crowd didn't know what to say as Matt asked them "Not so much of a loser now am I?!?", but the crowd just shot back with a "You're still a loser" chant.

Kyle Lee furious by the lost gave a big right hand sending Matt to the ground...Whats next for Matt is unknown as he will try and prove to the crowds that come to show that he is not a loser!!!