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LBC (Ludicrous Ben Cipely)

Hometown: Rostraver
Height: Weight: Entrance Theme: Earth Crisis- "Smash or Be Smashed"
Championships Held: 1/2 Tag Team Champion
Finishing Maneuver: Powerbomb

More terrifying than a cobra between the sheets, the vicious KWF star LBC destroys his opponents with an arsenal of high-caliber power moves that would make any normal person tremble. Equipped with nothing more than a basketball hoop for a mask and a pair of work gloves, his intensity is his greatest asset. The infamous LBC powerbomb is well known throughout the wrestling world, injuring such former stars as Good Ol' JR and BandLove.

Since joining the KWF in 1999, LBC has come and gone gaining 1/2 of the tag team championship with Murph McIntyre (Warfield) after a fair trade with BandLove, who only wanted a bag of coke. As tag team champions, LBC and Murph took on all competitors and always left the fans wondering, "What kind of turtured soul lies beneath the mask?"