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Kyle Lee Hufnagel

Hometown: Finleyville
Height: 5'5
Entrance Theme: Ramstein- "Engle"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Championships Held: Television Champion
Finishing Maneuver: Takajazama

As the younger of the two Hufnagel boys, Kyle contains a more aerial attack. A first impression of him is that he's too small to wrestle guys like Neil, Fungle, and DeGrousche, but Kyle heart is larger than the Locust himself. He is by far the most acrobatic wrestler to enter the KWF, using his speed and agility to his advantage.

After a brief stint with the Gothic Alliance, known as Kreature, Kyle broke away and decided he'd rather fight the good fight. He has gained much respect with wins over such wrestlers as Charlie K and Oscar DeGrousche. Then, when Kyle realized his potential and decided it was time for him to become a champion, he decided to win his brother's Television Championship at Extreme Intentions in a battle that brought both men to their knees. That day marked the very first time Kyle Lee Hufnagel defeated his brother, Neil.