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Johannes Kepler

Hometown: Wil der Stadt, Germany
Height: Weight: Entrance Theme: Metallica- "Loverman"
Championships Held: none yet
Finishing Maneuver: Shockwave, The Rube Goldberg Device

Burnt by a blazing chemical fire in 1630, this German physicist turned backyard wrestler conceals his mangled face with an assortment of wrapped bandages. Teaming up with his long-time lab assistant and friend, Tycho Brahe. Since joining the federation in 1999, he has been victorious in tag matches and in singles.

Kepler retired from the ring to take a vacation to Tahiti and returned as a part time color commentator in 2001. Known for his deep, humorous voice and outlandish comments, Kepler has the ability to make an event so hilarious, you'll piss Uranium-235