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Charlie K.


Hometown: Fairhope
Height: 5'10
Weight: 185 lbs.
Entrance Theme: Anti-Flag- "Captain Anarchy"
Championships Held: 1/2 Tag Team Champion (2), Hardcore Champion
Finishing Maneuver: Special K, Total Anarchy

As a former member of the legendary 2-time tag team champions Critical Strike (with Johnny Fungle), Charlie K has become the nation's ultimate punk. His new gimmick fits his new smash-mouth, hardcore wrestling style. Armed with Special K, a version of the Texas CloverLeaf, and Total Anarchy, a version of the Sambo Slam, his career has skyrocketed him to new heights, even gaining a few world title shots.

As a member of Critical Strike, Charlie K has beaten such tag teams as the Illegal Immigrants and former champions Murph McIntyre and LBC. After a mutual split with his long time partner, he entered singles competition and gained a match for the Hardcore Championship against Fungle. From there on it was nothing but hardcore victory after hardcore victory for nine months for this superstar, compiling an amazing 22 match winning streak that has yet to be touched. After dropping the title to Norbert Noodlemeyer at St. Patrick's Day Massacre Pre-Show, he now looks on to greener pastures.