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The Blue Nun

Hometown: Calcutta
Height: Weight: Entrance Theme: Rob Zombie- "Return of the Phantom Stranger"
Championships Held: KWF's 1st World Heavyweight Champion
Finishing Maneuver: Confession

The angel of death has arrived, and his name is the Blue Nun. The infamous KWF superstar has been at the top of the card since the beginning of his career. Known for his devilish laugh and cocky attitude, the Blue Nun is one of the most feared individuals in the KWF.

He has defeated such current stars as Warfield, Tycho Brahe, BandLove, and even current partner, Johnny Fungle. Feuding with the Kro all his life has set the standard for all KWF feuds and consummated with possibly the greatest match in KWF history at Patio Purgatory 2.

Aside from all his accomplishments, nothing stands out more than his incredible win-loss record, which includes being pinned only 3 times. Armed with a group of unholy demons known as the Plague, Nun picks and chooses his victims like a youngster stepping on ants. There is no limit to the Nun's brutality, and the master of mind games leaves every opponent praying for mercy!