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Hometown: Rolling Hills of Lynnwood
Height: Weight: Entrance Theme: Chef- "Chocolate Salty Balls"
Championships Held: 1/2 Tag Team Champion, World Television Champion
Finishing Maneuver: The Bandable Claw

One of the KWF's most beloved superstars, BandLove is the younger, more coked up version of Mick Foley. Earlier in his career, he wrestled under the name of BandKind and tagged with Murph McIntyre to become tag team champions. He now wrestles under the name of Bert Angle, and, since retiring from the ring, has become the commissioner of the KWF. Mrs. Allen baby boy has possibly become the most recognizable face on KWF television.

Speaking of television, BandLove became the KWF's first World Television Champion when he defeated his former tag team partner, Murph McIntyre. He has created some of the most memorable moments in KWF history, for example; he is one of only three people to pin the Blue Nun and win the World Heavyweight Title, but due to a clause in the Nun's contract he had to give the title back. In 1998, at the Big Tuombraro, a meaningless match turned into an outburst of laughter when BandKind yelped, "Ahhh, got stung by a bee!" Due to a car accident early in 2000, BandLove was forced to retire from the ring. His presence is missed and hopefully, one day, he will return and finally realize his dream as KWF Champion.

*Commissioner of the KWF

*Member of The Corporation